Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's already early April! Perhaps the lingering winter weather will persuade you for a moment that it wasn't all that long ago that I last wrote...(January/sigh).
Or let's just hope for daffodils (soon!) and acknowledge that I mean to keep up a bit better than I have!

Third Graders are working on a variety of projects - book reviews, research on all manner of topics: Hecate, Tesla, cactuses, Rick Riordan.... They also do a variety of personal writing of the fictional kind, including a blog of reviews of books that do not (yet) exist. We continue to read The Phantom Tollbooth aloud, reveling in its wordplay. Third graders are interested in all manner of thing. Just today we decided to explore the history of the AMPERSAND (&) because it came up. Did you know it was once the 27th letter of the alphabet, and incorporates two common letters?
One of the advantages of a group like this is that we can embrace tangents and go out on limbs!

Fourth Graders are busy writing, too: historical fiction, contemporary realism, symbolic poetry, and much more. We've decided that WRITING really is our focus, and (while we share shorter readings) have abandoned our long book for now. Soon we will take a walking field trip to HMS, for a sneak preview of such coming attractions as the middle school library and the illustrative Poem Booth!

As always, please email me if you have questions or comments.
I feel extraordinarily fortunate to spend time with your young student.
The GT staff and classroom teachers are in the middle of figuring out enrichment recommendations for the coming year. We strive to help deepen the learning for all, whether this is through independent projects, one on one meetings, or pullout groups of various kinds. Stay tuned for more specific information before the end of the year!

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